Welcome to the Key and Scepter Society,

We are a local educational non-profit, founded by UW-Madison alumni passionate about our mission of complementing the academic growth in the classroom with opportunities for meaningful personal development. We fulfill our mission in four key ways:

  • Professional Development Seminars – which often go beyond the career to teach essential life skills
  • Scholarships – directed at students who put a premium on involvement and servant leadership
  • Travel and Registration Grants – to improve the affordability of development-minded events and assist the budgets of like-minded organizations
  • Educational Space – which serves as our base of operations, as well as of sponsored organizations, and our primary location for seminars

My name is Andrew Butts, and I’ve been proud to be a part of this experiment since the very beginning, though not always in such an important capacity. In every stage of life, it is these constant reminders of, and gratitude for, those who have blazed the path beforeĀ and extended their hand down to raise up those who come after, that drives the work this entire board puts in. This is why we value servant leadership above all else. We know that noone gets ahead when you leave others behind. And in a day and age defined by short-term thinking, we’re in this for the long-haul.

We know how these four (sometimes five, or eight!) years can indelibly shape a life to come. We know our gifts of time, talent, and treasure will not yield returns next quarter, or even next year, and neither do we view our gifts as a sacrifice, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow alongside those we serve. An opportunity to learn from those we teach. An opportunity to share hope with those we fund.

So I welcome you to join us. If you have time, we’d love to get you involved. If you have talent, we’d love to give you a platform. If you have treasure, we’d love to help you invest it in our collective future. Great things often come in small packages, and while organizations attempt to move mountains, we prefer to plant seeds. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, and thank you for visiting our website.

Yours In Service,
Andrew Butts
Key & Scepter Society