About Us

The Key & Scepter Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the University of Wisconsin-Madison community. We encourage good scholarship and breadth of training in personal and professional development for the community through unique programs as well as contributions to the educational and cultural programs at UW-Madison and in the surrounding communities.

K&S was formed by a dedicated group of UW-Madison alumni who were all strong student leaders throughout our college careers. Struck by the profound impact of our extracurricular activities on our lives after college, we are dedicated to providing current students access to the same opportunities and lessons in business and leadership that have shaped our personal and professional lives.

We fulfill this mission in four key ways:

1. Scholarships for UW-Madison students based on community service, scholarship, extracurricular accomplishment, and leadership skills learned through participation in student orgs. The K&S Scholarship Committee reviews applications and essays submitted by the students to determine eligibility, followed by in-person interviews with the top candidates.

2. Travel and registration fee money to offset costs for students attending educational conferences off-campus: K&S focuses on providing students access to conferences focused on leadership and management topics, such as value-based leadership, how to understand and work with different personality types, how to overcome typical dysfunctions of a team, and operational leadership techniques.

3. Coordinating educational programs for University students: These presentations focus on teaching students the latest leadership and management techniques, how to work effectively with groups, and how to develop a strong work team. They are typically free to University students.

4. Providing educational technology and equipment to enhance students’ learning experience and productivity. K&S provides a study and conference space for students to facilitate individual and group study, with high speed internet, computers, and other equipment to allow students to access UW’s online educational programs and tools.

Our scholarships and programs are supported through individual and corporate donors, public grants, and collaborations with other students groups and non-profit organizations.